What is GoSauna?

GoSauna is a company based on Estonian capital that produces outdoor saunas developed on the basis of a completely new concept: home spas with transparent plexiglass walls and forest saunas with plastic walls. The advantage of our sauna is its light weight, small dimensions, universal design and favorable price. Thanks to its lightness - depending on the model, the sauna house weighs 100-200 kilograms - it can be easily moved wherever you want.


The person sitting in the sauna has a 360-degree view of the surroundings, and the view is extended by a transparent roof.

There are 23 sauna models to choose from. These are sauna houses of different shapes, depths and heights, based on different geometric shapes. The home spa can also be purchased as a set, which includes a sauna and a hot tub. When installing a forest sauna, it is not necessary to prepare the surface in advance; in the case of a home spa, the base must be at least leveled before installing the sauna.

Outdoor saunas can accommodate 1-6 people, depending on the model. The heating time of the sauna is three-quarters of an hour in summer and half an hour more in winter. The steam is softer and more moist than in a regular sauna.

Our slogan is "Sauna where you need it". By purchasing the GoSauna sauna house, you can go to the sauna in a place where you usually cannot enjoy the pleasures of sauna. Hüva leili!

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