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Forest Sauna SQUARE


*Doesn't include a heater

*The price may change slightly due to fluctuations in the price of the material

A cube-shaped wooden outdoor sauna that combines adventure, vacation and innovation. Thanks to its light weight and sturdy frame, the modular sauna is easy to transport. You can place the sauna anywhere you want - on the riverside, next to a lake, on a mountain, on top of a roof, or in a forest. Just use your imagination.


The wooden forest sauna is covered with 610gsm reinforced PVC, which is fully UV stabilized and capable of living its life outdoors. For the best outdoor adventure choose a wood burning heater that best fits your needs. The pre-built outdoor sauna is delivered straight to your door.

360° view

Only 200 kg

1886 x 1886 x 2287 mm

2 people

Choose the right one for You

Don't know which heater to choose? Call us +372 58 66 66 90.

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