Thanks to a large selection of materials, we can create very personal solutions. A custom-made stylish and cozy sauna, that is created according to your taste - the solution you have been looking for, that is not available anywhere else, and that has a desired shade and size. In addition, the outdoor sauna offers privacy and peace to other family members, as the sauna is located outside the home.


There are 23 sauna models to choose from. These are sauna houses with different shapes, depths and heights, based on different geometric shapes. All the saunas can be made of either plexiglass or polymer vinyl. It is possible to build a sauna for up to 6 people (depending on the desired geometric shape). As the saunas have different shapes and sizes, the choice of the heater depends on the desired model. Contact us for more information.

Think outside of the box

Let's build you a sauna that only you can dream of.

360° view

from 40 kg

A x B x C

1 - 6 people