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Inbank's installment payment allows you to turn a large one-time cost into a small monthly cost and to pay for products in installments. First payment only after a month.

Advantages of Inbank installment payments:


A flexible solution for larger expenses

You choose the size of the installment amount

You choose the installment period

You choose the payment date

Response to request in a minute


Inbank installment payment terms:


Fundable amount 100 - 10,000 €

Period up to 12 months

Interest 0%

Contract fee 0 euros

Administration fee 0 euros

Deposit from 0 euros

The APR of Inbank's installment payment is 0% per year under the following sample conditions: the price of the contract subject to immediate payment (net price) 4,500 euros, credit amount 4,500 EUR, down payment 0 EUR, contract period 12 months, fixed annual interest rate 0% calculated from the purchase amount, contract fee 0 EUR, monthly administration fee 0 EUR . Monthly installment 375 EUR, total amount of credit and repayments 4500 EUR. The lender is AS Inbank Finance. Before signing a contract, read carefully the terms of the proposed contract and, if necessary, consult an expert.

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