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GoSauna City Escape

GoSauna City Escape is a furnished mini-house in an advertising structure on the corner of Räpina maantee and Kooli street in Võru. The total area of the two floors of the building is only four square meters, but you have everything you need to stay there: kitchenette, toilet and shower, work area with a desk and a chair, double bedroom, TV, wifi.


The mini-house has a small terrace on the roof and an outdoor sauna with plexiglass walls, offering a 360-degree view of the city. The experience hotel is suitable for couples seeking romance and adventurers looking for new experiences.

GoSauna Pop Up

Now you can also rent our Pop-up sauna for different events, trips, or just to enjoy in your back yard.


GoSauna Pop-up sauna is the best solution when taking trips in the nature. It weighs only 40 kg and it consists of four wall panels and one roof element, that can be easily attached to each other. It takes less than five minutes for two people to assemble it. You can make the heater in nature by yourself, by heating the desired amount of stones on the campfire. A special outdoor heater comes with the sauna.


If you're interest in renting the Pop-up sauna call us or send us an email via


GoSauna Village

In summer 2022 GoSauna will open the sauna village, which is located ten kilometers from the city of Võru in Lasva municipality. To enjoy the pleasures of the sauna, four different outdoor saunas have been erected: a forest sauna square, a forest sauna ring, a diamond-shaped sauna, and a slim sauna.


You can spend the night at the nano house that fits 2 people. As the sauna village is built on the highest point of the surroundings, a beautiful view of the nature of Southern Estonia is guaranteed. In the immediate vicinity of the sauna village is the naturally beautiful Kalijärv.

The season begins in summer 2022!

If you would like to have a more extreme experience in the winter, get in touch with us via email.

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