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Compared to the traditional smoke sauna, GoSauna is a new era Estonian sauna with a combined steam and wash room. It can also be called a “sweating sauna” - thanks to the GoSauna effect, the steam is always pleasantly soft and moist.


All GoSauna saunas are made of natural materials and created based on a completely new concept. The ventilated ribbed wood floor ensures good and fresh air throughout the sauna experience. It also helps to dry the sauna after use quickly and helps to avoid water deposits, so the sauna always has a pleasant and clean smell.


It only takes 45 minutes to heat the GoSauna in the summer. As the heating period depends on the outside temperature, then the winter cold adds another 30 minutes. Heating is exactly the same as in a conventional sauna - be it one with an electric or wooden heater.


The temperature of the GoSauna is in the range of 60-70 degrees. If this is not enough and you want a hotter sauna experience, you should add more stones to the heater.


An important difference compared to a regular sauna is the properties of the steam. In a traditional wooden sauna the walls become hot and the steam moves along the hot wood. Therefore, the steam is quite intense. However, GoSauna's plexiglass is cooled by the air outside, which makes it almost 50% cooler than wood, around 25-30 degrees. Therefore the steam moves along the cool wall and is pleasantly mild and moist.


As GoSauna weighs very little (most models weigh less than 400 kilograms), it can be installed virtually anywhere - be it on a terrace or on top of the roof of an apartment building. No building or installation permit is required.


Adventurers are sure to enjoy a sauna experience by the river, next to a lake, in the forest or by the sea. Thanks to its 360-degree view, you can sit in the middle of nature in a GoSauna and enjoy the surrounding beauty through the glazed walls in all directions. As the ceiling is also transparent, you can admire the starry sky as well. It's all quite an experience!

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